Day 156

My captor has been treating me well today. He allowed me twenty minutes of non-distracted work until he needed my attention yet again. It is hard being in a place such as this, where I can’t go anywhere without my captor demanding my attention and engagement.

Ever since he wormed his way into my life and onto my smart-phone The Internet has held me under his grip, There is nowhere I can run to before the spell draws me to his lingering grasp yet again. I cannot escape. The only way out is too horrible to imagine. A dialup connection. Oh the horror, the pain.

Some say this is Stockholm syndrome and I will be grateful once I am free but they don’t understand. This is not Stockholm. We share lives now; we have internet babies which need my attention. How could I leave my children- Facebook, Twitter and the youngest, Tumblr- in a dark and lonely cabin?

No. We need eachother. Everything else will have to wait, after all there are TV shows to be watched and heroes to dream of. My true love and prince in shining argyle will come to rescue me. Spencer Reid where are you? I need your socks…

(For Letty- of Love, Letty and phonebookfullofaccidents- in the week before our final deadlines

Listen lady, I love the internet and it love me. You just don’t get it, I think you are jealous. Our relationship is both complex and wholesome, I wouldn’t expect you to understand.  

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